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Perfume engraving events, fine art commissions, engraved wine, calligraphy for weddings and special occasions - unique talents provided by a unique group of professionals!


Calligravers is an international group of professional calligraphers and engravers who uniquely blend their talents and work with not only traditional forms of calligraphy, but can engrave beautiful calligraphy on many types of glass and certain metals.  We do work for individuals, small and large companies, as well as governmental entities. For commissions and bookings, please refer to each individual's contact information.


listing of members
international association

Kelly Willis -- Houston, Texas
Richard Silva -- El Paso, Texas
Don Tate -- Salt Lake City, Utah
Ron Tate -- Salt Lake City, Utah
Deb Allen -- Columbus, Ohio
Sue Burne -- Somerset, UK

Areas of Travel for Events

San Antonio, Texas
Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
Houston Metro, Texas
El Paso, Texas
Salt Lake City, Utah
Columbus, Ohio

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what we do

Calligravers is a world wide association of calligraphic engravers promoting freehand, fine art creations - a rarity in this computer/machine-generated lettering age!